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BIG EAST Power Rankings: Newbies on top

The VU Hoops staff ranks the BIG EAST from best to worst.

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We're excited to announce a new feature on the site, our weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings! The rankings will drop weekly on Tuesdays.

The entire staff (well, at least the folks who responded this week) submitted their rankings one through ten. Using some math skills, we then aggregated these for your debating pleasure. Some of us were rational about our rankings, others were a bit more emotional. The idea is that these should be based more on the most recent week of play, less so on the entire season to date.

Here's your inaugural VUhoops Power Rankings:

1. Creighton (7) - 3-0

"They didn't look great against St. Joe's, and I question how well the team (not just Doug McDermott) will play in bigger games." - jeremy.menninger

2. Marquette (1) - 2-1

"That was probably the most difficult game I have ever had to watch, that offense was horrible." - MikeReilly

3. Villanova - 3-0

"If they guard 3’s and take less 3’s, they can actually matchup well against many teams. Especially when Ochefu shoots better than 0%." - rsaccoma2016

4. Georgetown - 1-1

"Joshua Smith made about as big of an opening impression against Oregon as his appetite, scoring 25 points and pulling down 4 boards. If he continues to play like that, this ranking could be severely underestimating the Hoyas." - novanation63

5. Providence - 4-0

"They are like a spider. They are pretty sneaky and creep up when you least expect. Definitely a sleeper." - rsaccoma2016

6. St. John's - 1-1

"If they can ever get their players on the same page, they are going to be good." - MikeReilly

7. Xavier - 3-0

"By virtue of not completely sucking." - kevin.pulsifer

8. Butler - 2-0

"Survived a scare from Princeton at home, and the visit from Vanderbilt tonight should tell us if they'll be able to compete at all this season." - Chris Lane

9. Seton Hall - 3-1

"In an effort to compete for the worst spot in the rankings, they lost to Mercer in double-overtime. Stop fouling and maybe you'll win some." - kevin.pulsifer

10. DePaul - 2-1

"Wait, they were invited to the new conference?" - jeremy.menninger

Thoughts? How would you have ranked the teams differently?

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