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BIG EAST Power Rankings: The race to the middle

The VU Hoops staff ranks the BIG EAST from best to worst.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We're back again for another edition of the VU Hoops BIG EAST Power Rankings. And yes, the rumors are true, we've added another voter to the mix. Please give your loudest jeers cheers for Tyler Ricky Tynes from Big East Coast Bias. You may remember him as the man who gave the 10th ranked Villanova Wildcats a B- for their performance in The Bahamas.

With it looking more likely by the day that Villanova runs the table for the rest of the year, we needed to add some controversy to the mix as we're essentially debating spots 2-8 at this point. Enter, Tyler.

Oh yeah, and all voters submitted a ballot this week! This must what it feels like when parents realize their children actually do love them.

Here are your VUhoops Power Rankings:

1. Villanova (10) - 9-0

"This is when we root for Arizona, OK State, Sparty, Duke, Wisco, Louisville, UConn and THE Ohio State to lose. I want this 'Cuse-'Nova game to be 1 vs. 2." - kevin.pulsifer

2. Creighton - 7-2

"Doug McDermott could have my babies." - jeremy.menninger

(Editor's Note: We do not condone impregnating Doug McDermott at VU Hoops. Unless it will hold him out of games against Villanova)

3. Georgetown - 6-2

"Bet they're glad to have us in the conference right now." - jeremy.menninger

4. Marquette -5-4

"This team reeks of turning it on once conference play starts. Buzz has them playing possum righ tnow." -Chris Lane

5. Providence- 8-2

"Bryce Cotton has to be superman if this team is going to do any damage during the regular season." -MikeReilly

6. Butler - 7-2

"Alright, it was Manchester, but I give props to any team that’s not Kentucky, Michigan State, Duke, etc. that holds any program to FIVE SECOND HALF POINTS. This isn’t the Fisher Price League mayne. It be D-1 Ball doe." - Tyler Ricky Tunes

7. St. John's - 6-2

"They need to spread the basketball around more. They send out five Carmelo Anthony's every time they break out of a timeout." - rsaccoma2016

8. Xavier - 6-3

"Coming off a three game losing streak and grabbing a win with Semaj Christon downing 22 points against Bowling Green make me smile like a fat kid at the Cheesecake Factory for the first time." - Tyler Ricky Tynes

9. Seton Hall - 6-3

"A win over Rutgers -- who also lost to FDU -- isn't going to whitewash that godawful loss from the Pirates' record. Yeah, I get it, DePaul isn't helping their case with those 4 losses on their record, but as far as I can tell, all of them were against real basketball programs. DePaul isn't good, but they lose to better programs than 342nd-best (also known as 27th-worst) team in the game. This is why we can't have nice things." -Brian Ewart

10. DePaul 4-4

"Still not a fan. They're the only Big East team not above .500." - rsaccoma2016

Now tell us how bad we are at Power Rankings.