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BIG EAST Power Rankings: Marquette takes a tumble

The VU Hoops staff ranks the BIG EAST from best to worst.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We're back again for the Christmas Eve edition of the VU Hoops BIG EAST Power Rankings! It finally happened. The esteemed staffers have lost respect for Marquette, who despite their very tough SOS, are just not winning. And when you're not winning, you are at the mercy of 10 bloggers armed with a keyboard and a Google Doc.

We were nearly at full participation in the voting rankings once again, but the one voter to abstain is the guest voter from BECB. No word yet if this has anything to do with him breaking into the Pavilion after-hours.

Here are your VUhoops Power Rankings:

1. Villanova (9) - 11-0

"Does Villanova really have to do this new Big East thing all by themselves? I mean, how about a little back-up, people?" - Brian Ewart

"Excited for the Cuse game." - jeremy.menninger

"This game on Saturday is arguably a tougher matchup than a Final Four game, since Syracuse is No. 2 and we're on the road. Can't wait for Dylan Ennis to dunk over his brother." - kevin.pulsifer

"Can't see the haters." - rsaccoma2016

2. Creighton - 9-2

"I really considered not having a #2 on my list at all, but since I don't want anyone to be mad, please note that Creighton has not made anyone cry." - Brian Ewart

"Just beat a real good Cal team. Dougie only had one basket in the first 17 minutes. They're also the only other undefeated team on the road in Big East play." - kevin.pulsifer

"Apparently George Washington is the only school that can stop Doge McDermott. I thought other schools would catch on, but no luck. If he keeps it up, Creighton will find their way back to the rankings." - rsaccoma2016

3. Butler - 9-2

"See: Hoyas, Georgetown" - Brian Ewart

"Welcome to the big kids table... Except it's because everyone else sucks, not because you did anything good." - jeremy.menninger

"Butler's only regulation loss was in November to a team ranked higher than Nova. The game at Hinkle is honestly more intimidating to me than the 'Cuse game." - kevin.pulsifer

"Through their first 11 games, Butler has 9 wins. Through their first 11 games, the Celtics had 4 wins. Nice job, Brad Stevens." - rsaccoma2016

"They're sneaking around as a pretty good team that will pick more than a few people off at Hinkle this season. I just hope it isn't us." - Chris Lane

4. St. John's - 8-3

"The Johnnies may have lost to Penn State, but they didn't get blown out by Syracuse either." - Brian Ewart

"You play close to every team, no matter the skill level. That's a bad type of consistency." - rsaccoma2016

"Should we be worried that they are starting to play better?" - Chris Lane

5. Providence- 10-2

"Moving up in the conference rankings by default. They're 10-2, but conference play is usually when they fall apart." - jeremy.menninger

"Their one of the 60 worst school in terms of field goal percentage. They make up for it in free throws, though, but who knows how that'll play out come Big East play." - rsaccoma2016

"Two more players out for the year. It will be amazing if Ed Cooley can hold this group together." - Chris Lane

6. Georgetown - 7-3

"I know they weren't supposed to win, I know it was at The Phog, I know that I'll bump them back up again next week... But I dropped them a long way because (1) this isn't the AP Poll, (2) sometimes I like the way Randy Rosetta votes, and (3) they got HAMMERED by KU." - Brian Ewart

"I forgive Casual Hoya for their idiotic comment last week." - jeremy.menninger

"Say what you want about the transitive property, but we beat Kansas and Kansas beat Georgetown to a pulp. They just don't have enough scorers, and don't take care of the ball well enough to win consistently with scores in the 50s." - kevin.pulsifer

"They made what they referred to "a struggling Kansas team" look pretty good." - rsaccoma2016

"Remember how we were debating who we wanted to win the Georgetown-Kansas game? Yeah, that beatdown felt pretty good to watch." - Chris Lane

7. Xavier - 9-3

"Can we trade these guys for Dayton? LOL, just kidding!" - Brian Ewart

"It's been about a month and a half and I still just have you in the middle of the pack for no reason. Not sure what to think." - rsaccoma2016

"I know they're winning, but I don't see much past Semaj Christon." - Chris Lane

8. Marquette - 7-5

"They may have lost to the Lobos, but Kenpom, like their mothers, still thinks they are worthy of 4th place." - Brian Ewart

"I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." - jeremy.menninger

"Ugh. The teams they've beaten have an average of 2.8 wins. The teams Villanova has beaten have an average of 5.6 wins. CREI: 4.4 DEP: 3.7 XAV: 4.7 SETON: 5.2 BUT: 4.7 GTOWN: 5.6 PROV: 4.1 SJU: 5.0. Say what you want about their tough losses, but their wins are not impressive, at all." - kevin.pulsifer

"No bueno." - Chris Lane

9. Seton Hall - 8-4

"In the weekly flip-flop that is barely worth covering, Seton Hall won by a lot and DePaul lost. The end." - kevin.pulsifer

"Injures injuries injuries. It's amazing the difference that Fuquan Edwin makes, though." - rsaccoma2016

10. DePaul - 7-5

It would have been so easy to keep SHU at the bottom, with DePaul at 9, but DePaul didn't win. Losers get punished in this ranking, and since these two will battle for number-10 the rest of the way, I ranked them both 11th. - Brian Ewart

"lkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj fell asleep on the keyboard." - jeremy.menninger

"Shoutout to Mike Anderson, who brought up the idea of relegation. Let's demote the worst team in the Big East at the end of every year. I'm all for it. Let's just get 6-10 more teams so we can form a Small East Conference and we'll get crackin'. But actually... Say we brought in VCU Gonzaga Wichita Temple Dayton and Saint Louis. Then two groups of 8." - kevin.pulsifer

"Who's got two thumbs and no friends?" - rsaccoma2016

Now tell us how bad we are at Power Rankings.