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Divorce from football schools isn't final, according to Blaudschun

The Big East football schools, meeting in Atlanta (for some reason) today, haven't agreed to any plan for the Catholic 7's exit, according to Mark Blaudschun. What they have agreed, is that they are willing to allow the schools to depart after this season and they are willing to transfer the rights to the Big East name to the new conference -- if the price is right, of course.

Reports pushing the whole thing as a done-deal that arose yesterday were perhaps a product of FOX Sports' exuberance to promote it's new venture, but the i's remain un-dotted, the t's remain uncrossed.

People went into the meeting in Atlanta on Friday morning with an attitude of maybe we can do this, maybe we won't-at least right away. Let's look at the dollar figures, which are in the millions of dollars range.

All of this will eventually be worked out. The Catholic 7 will leave in July. They will take the Big East name. might cost them more than they thought. And the word amicable is rapidly fading from the use of descriptions regarding the talks. [emphasis added]

The football schools likely expect that the Catholic 7 will abandon most, or all, of their claims to the large exit fee and NCAA Tournament-share war chest that the conference had accumulated since the Pittsburgh and Syracuse departure.

The process of setting the league up by July is going to be interesting for the schools once their separation agreement is finalized and in-place. The new league needs a commissioner, a staff, offices, bylaws, TV contracts and, maybe most-importantly, a schedule.