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Butler's Stevens denies Big East talk

When Andy Katz chatted with Butler University head coach Brad Stevens last night, he denied that he had heard anything about the Bulldogs moving to the new Big East next season. That doesn't mean that it isn't happening, however, just that the head coach hasn't been told to prepare for that yet.

Of course, that's because multiple sources within the seven schools departing to the new Big East say they were focused solely on exiting the old Big East before looking at expansion and new members. So, it's not surprising that Butler is in the dark -- for now. Stevens said he has to operate as if the Bulldogs are in the A-10 in 2013-14. He said the team is scheduling as if it's in the A-10 because that's all he has been told.

Once the separation agreement is in place, talks with Butler and Xavier will likely heat up, and it may be tough to say no. Butler would go from hosting schools like Youngstown State at home to bringing in Georgetown, Marquette and Villanova -- more than a slight improvement over their Horizon League days.