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BIG EAST eyeing WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich

George Frey

As we mentioned in Thursday's link round up, the BIG EAST is finalizing some important decisions as a new conference. Besides finding a new office location, getting refs, and scheduling the conference games, the schools are looking for a Commissioner.

A report by ESPN is noting that the nBE is narrowing down the list of potential candidates to 4 or 5 and Creighton AD, Bruce Rasmussen, is hoping that current West Coast Conference leader Jamie Zaninovich is the selection.

Rasmussen notes the conference needs "a commissioner who has been successful, who has the background, who has the knowledge that can make decisions. Jamie Zaninovich would be a tremendous person to put in that position.''

Zaninovich has held the position in WCC since 2008 where he has expanded the league's membership and name nationally through enhanced television contracts and larger championships. Prior to his post as commissioner he was the Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations at Princeton University.