Highlights: Villanova defeats La Salle


Here are the university provided highlights from Villanova's victory over La Salle on Wednesday night.

A message from Coach Wright and Coach Talley


In case you haven't heard, there is a pretty big basketball/football double-header on campus this weekend. Both teams are looking for your support.

Season Intro Video


Do you like that video before Villanova takes the court? Well, now you can watch it over and over and over...

This is what a Heisman Finalist said about John Robertson


Liberty Head Coach Turner Gill finished fourth in the 1983 Heisman voting when he was QB at Nebraska. This is his take on Villanova's John Robertson.

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HYPE: Villanova FB vs. Liberty


5 days til the playoff journey begins #PutOutTheFlame

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Villanova Football will host the Liberty Flames on Saturday in the Second Round of the FCS Playoffs.

Get excited!

Highlights: Villanova defeats Delaware


Here are the highlights from the Wildcats' 78-47 victory over Delaware.

Young fan takes on giant slice of pizza


Sometimes in a 78-47 Sunday afternoon blowout of Delaware, it's hard to find something to get excited about. And then a little giants eat a giant slice of pizza and changes the complexion of your afternoon.

Villanova to host Liberty on Saturday


The Liberty Flames weren't an easy match-up for James Madison, and they were able to outlast the Dukes in a battle. JMU scored all 21 of their points in the second quarter, after Liberty went up 10-0 to start the game. Vad Lee and Company seemed set to put it away heading into halftime, but the Flames adjusted and ultimately pulled ahead with just over 3 minutes left in the game.

'Nova has top grad rate in FCS Playoffs


The NCAA has reported that the Villanova Wildcats have the top graduation rate of any of the 24 teams participating in the FCS playoffs. New Hampshire has the top APR in that group.

Wil D. Cat got a little feisty


The Wil D. Cat twitter account (@WillDCatVU) got a little feisty, responding to the account for unofficially-proposed live mascot Count Villan V (@NovaCountVillan). Count Villan was the name of Villanova's former live bobcat mascot, who was retired permanently after the fourth iteration got a bit violent with his NROTC handlers.