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Some of VUhoops' best long-form writing


Villanova alumni and fans should pack the Stadium for the longtime coach

Talley will be missed

Villanova's head coach will step down after 31 seasons.

Villanova junior gives tickets to veterans

On Memorial Day, we remember those soldiers who have fallen defending our freedom. Jack MacDonald is also leading the charge to say "thanks" to some of the men and women who came home.

The [Reimagined] Pavilion Needs More Imagination

It's time we all tell Vince an emphatic 'no'!

Gattuso slams Talley over walk-on's carry

Albany head coach Greg Gattuso refused the handshake after the game last night. Why he did that, and why he was wrong to be mad.

The Haves, Have-Nots, and Have-Nothings

A housing "bubble" was a prime culprit in the economic downturn of the late-00s, and now some economists are suggesting that higher education is a still-inflating bubble as well.

Were the 2014 Villanova Wildcats "Successful"?

suc·cess- noun \sək-ˈses\ : the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame : the correct or desired result of an attempt

Despite dips in ticket price, BET is still king

With tickets still available, it is a shock that the Big East still ranks at the top of all ticket sales, and Madison Square Garden is the sole reason.

With Adjustments, Pageantry can be revived at Nova

#Longform alert: a petition was signed to allow Villanova students to bring rollouts and cutouts for the first time all season. It has the makings of something great for a stagnant student section.

Cancer & College Boards, the long road to college

Most college freshmen arrive on campus at 18 years old, but when Mark Clements first straps on a Villanova helmet this summer, he will already be in his 20s. The unique path that the defensive back took to get to college is a tale of character and de

For students, Villanova making lasting impression

50 students were interviewed during the last days of finals week and on the eve to the matchup with La Salle. Though the fifty were sophomore students, those who watched Jay Wright's horrible 5-13 conference record when they were seniors in high scho

Will Villanova have to cut?

Temple University cut seven varsity sports recently, but those cuts were just part of a greater trend in NCAA Division I athletics.

The Brothers from Brampton

New York and Philadelphia will both be tuned in for Saturday's top-10 showdown, but one of the game's best story lines starts in Brampton, Ontario.

Drexel fans want a Villanova game

The Philadelphia college basketball media loves the idea of a City 6, but should we really bend over backwards to include Drexel? Do the Dragons deserve a game against Villanova?

Wright ranks 3rd among private schools in payroll

It isn't cheap to buy your suits bespoke, but as one of College Hoops' highest paid, Jay Wright can afford the services of Gabriele D'Annunzio to fill his expansive wardrobe with television-friendly looks.

A Look back at the 1975-76 Squad

Should the 'Holy War' moniker be retired?

Villanova's History Department Chair is on a crusade to end the use of "Holy War" to refer to college sports rivalries. Why is it such a big deal, and should we even be giving him any attention?

The Issue With Games Over Spring Break

With Villanova playing Marquette and Georgetown over spring break this year, Villanova students will miss two of the Wildcats most important games this year.

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Life as the Scout Team QB

Malik Allen: From Blocks to Board Rooms

inRecruit is a new platform developed by the team of Malik Allen and Joe Rocco, both Villanova alumni, that is promising to change the way college coaches recruit.

Is profit really the motive?

The Flutie Effect has been shown to offer a distinct positive for universities off of their balance sheets, athletic spending in general may not be as profit-driven as some observers suggest.

Why big athletics spending makes sense

Harvard is known more for its success in big time research than it's success in big time college sports, but a study out of Harvard Business School claims the "Flutie Effect" is real . . . and spectacular.

Time for Moneyball on the Main Line

For Villanova to compete successfully on basketball’s national stage, maybe it’s time to steal a page from Billy Beane’s playbook.

Do Coaches Earn Their Pay?

College Coaches are overpaid by almost any standard, but some provide a more compelling value proposition than others.

2013 Nova Basketball: An Open Letter

Hardly anybody gave the Villanova basketball team a chance at making the NCAA tournament. Yet there they were. I wrote a letter to them.

Wildcats are the 4th most common Division I mascot

Lions and tigers and wildcats, oh my!

Will Verizon kill the superconference era?

Cable providers are paying massive fees to broadcasters for the privilege of offering their content to subscribers, but with those fees come inflated bills to consumers.

Will the Big East close the deal for MSG?

The Catholic 7 schools have announced their separation from the FBS conference and their deal to take the Big East name with them next season. They should announce new membership soon as well, but the group has been silent on their conference tourney

The Man Behind the Villanova Band

Out of all of the student groups on campus, none are more visible, or draw more scrutiny, than the Villanova Band. John Dunphy has been behind the scenes for over 30 years. As we approach March Madness, let's take a look at the man behind the band.

The Anatomy of a Turnaround

Does a west coast mathematician have the answer to explain Villanova's play?

Villanova and the Super Bowl

With Super Bowl Sunday approaching, the Villanova football program can look back at it's history of NFL players — with at least 109 players reaching the professional ranks.

Do you believe in Miracles?

One season ago Notre Dame entered Big East play with 5 losses on their record, and then proceeded to go 14-6 to get to 22 wins and a bid to the NCAA Tournament. Is it Villanova's turn?


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