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Villanova Media Day

News, Quotes, and Pictures from Tuesday's Media Day

Sneak Peak: West End Zone Building

The new athletic facility is due to open next weekend.

Booth shone brightest when it mattered most

The sophomore guard had an up and down season but we will always have #BoothFace.

Villanova Doubters Hall of Fame

This is a "little" school project I've been working on for a few weeks now.

Villanova V-Day cards are here!

The perfect way to win your Villanova sweetheart's love.

The Legend of Woytek

One Creighton fan on a mission to troll everyone from Villanova.

Tailgating at Villanova

The often-maligned tailgating culture at Villanova may not be so bad after all, at least, if you know where to find it.

Villanova / SBU Gallery

Some images from the action.

Villanova alums play in The BALL showcase

Nova vs. PC in Pictures

Villanova Alum Nicholas O'Donohue was on the scene at the Dunkin' Donuts Center and passed along these shots of the action.

2012 Hoops Mania Social Photos

The 2012-13 Villanova Basketball Festivities begin with Hoops Mania. Those who were there shared their photos, scroll through the gallery above...

Villanova Hoops Pose for the Camera

A Photographer worked with some Basketball Players today and was able to take some of these shots.