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Penn vs. Villanova: Winners & Sinners

The kicking game is still a dumpster fire.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We knew it would be easy, but I don't think anyone envisioned it being that easy. Villanova mauled Penn 41-7 on Saturday afternoon, pulling most of its starters to open the second half in a game that meant more for the reserve players than it did for the starting unit.

The blowout gave Andy Talley a chance to get a sense of his depth as he emptied the bench in the second half. Without further ado, here are your winners and sinnes from the victory over Penn.


John Robertson - #19 was his usual excellent self under center, finishing 15-21 for 230 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs. He also rushed for 45 yards on 9 carries (5.0 ypc). Robertson was poised in the pocket and picked Penn apart through the air - though he took a couple of sacks as Penn went to all-out blitz mode. He took advantage though with some long touchdown passes. The gameplan continues to be an aerial assault as the broken hand continues to heal.

Kevin Gulyas - A 123-yard performance on 5 catches was highlighted by a deep crossing pattern that he turned in to a 77-yard TD. Gulyas has been Mr. Reliable on third downs this year, so it's good to see him hit paydirt.

Gary Underwood - What a weapon he's turning out to be. A career-high 93 yards on 6 carries and 2 TDs - 54 yards out of the Wildcat formation and then a 14-yard scamper following a turnover.

Kevin Monangai - If Underwood was the lightning, Monangai was the thunder. He's back to his old self, chunking yards together and you can sense him getting in to a rhythm. 13 carries for 67 yards (5.2 ypc) is about what you'd expect with that workload from the senior.

Don Cherry - A forced fumble on a sack was recovered by Pat Williams and set up a Villanova TD after Penn had finally scored and gotten a stop against the 'Cats. He's a definite All-CAA player and should start getting national attention soon.

Ed Shockley - Playing in place of the injured Joey Harmon, the freshmen didn't disappoint with an impressive sack off the edge. It was a good example of all that defensive speed that Talley raves about so much.

Austin Calitro - Led the team with 8 tackles despite having to juggle 2 positions.

Jason Ceneus & Jerry Miles - Tip of the cap for his first career INT, which came at an important drive as Penn was driving deep in 'Nova territory to open the game. Miles get the mention for his second half INT.


Matt Gudzak - Now third on the depth chart while Austin Medley is on the shelf, the freshman fumbled twice including at the Penn 3-yard line when the 'Cats were about to score. 13 carries for 52 yards isn't bad in mop-up duty, but you've got to hang on to the ball.

Chris Gough - A missed PAT and a missed FG (34 yards) reminded fans how unsettled the kicking game is, and caused Andy Talley to remark in his postgame press conference, "I'd rather have the ball in John's hands than try to kick a field goal."