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2011 Inductees into the VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame

"What is past is prologue." ~ William Shakespear [Editor's Note: God, I hope so!]

During the month of September, the VUHoops readers celebrated the great tradition of Villanova basketball by selecting from past players, coaches, trainers and others a special few for induction into the VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame.

Our process began with the formation of a VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, comprised of three VUHoops writers (Mike, Brian and Ed’77) and two long-time VUHoops readers (Barney Rubble and Nervous Nelly). The Committee adopted rules for elections that require nominees to have completed their Villanova careers at least three years ago. The Committee then considered all those eligible for induction and nominated ten finalists. TheVUHoops readers then cast their ballots for the two finalists they felt were most deserving. Those two receiving the most votes plus any other finalist receiving votes from at least 25% of the readers would be inducted into the HOF.

The votes have been tallied. On behalf of the Basketball Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, I am proud to announce our 2011 inductees into the VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame:

The VUHoops Hall of Fame section of our site remains under construction, but already we have assembled a great deal of content about the 2011 inductees, the initial inductee class of 2010 and great 'Nova teams of the past. Visitors will see rare photographs, video footage and biographical material that provides a deeper understanding of our basketball heritage. To visit the site, click the Hall of Fame tab on the home page. For the 2011 inductees, click on the hyperlinks above.