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Three Big 5 schools get 12-seeds in latest Joe Lunardi projection

Will Villanova make the NCAA tournament this year? Latest bracketology suggests they have a chance.

J. Meric

ESPN's Joe "Joey Brackets" Lunardi, who moonlights by teaching a course in bracketology at his alma mater, St. Joseph's as well as doing Hawks radio broadcasts released his latest NCAA bracket projection this morning, and Villanova is a 12-seed. The 'Cats would have to work their way out of a play-in game in Dayton, Ohio, if things remain as Lunardi predicts.

The latest projections have Villanova playing co-12-seed Maryland at the home court of the Catholic-7 hopefuls, Dayton Flyers. The winner of that game would take their spot as the 12-seed in the West Region of the tournament, which will be contested in Los Angeles this year.

Lunardi also has both Temple and La Salle listed as 12 seeds, in the East and South regions, specifically. Temple would have to join the Wildcats in Dayton to play Arizona State in an East Region play-in game. La Salle would be the only Big 5 school to avoid a trip to Ohio, being paired up with a 5-seed, NC State in the South Region.

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