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Villanova Hoops Mania: Students throw streamers after first score

The Villanova students brought back an old Big 5 tradition at Hoops Mania.

It's been a great night at Hoops Mania so far, with Jay Wright firing up the students, a sold out, whited out Pavilion, and the scrimmage underway. We're still a ways off from the musical guest -- with Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar still the front runners in the rumour mill - but we're about 10 minutes away from live coverage on Fox Sports 1.

But one of the coolest things to happen to so far? The Villanova students reaching into the past and reigniting a banned Big 5 tradition - throwing streamers onto the court after the first basket.

Daniel Ochefu won the opening tip, and Ryan Arcidiacono tipped the ball to James Bell who was clear in on the hoop. Bell through down a thunderous two-handed slam (Tahj, feel free to do that all season) that made the crowd go wild and brought the streamers raining down on to the court.

Villanova basketball is back. More, please.