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Loyola hires G.G. Smith over Raphael Chillious, leaving Villanova staff intact

Loyola University in Maryland announced this afternoon at 2:30pm that their next head coach would be former Jimmy Patsos assistant G.G. Smith, the son of current Texas Tech head coach Tubby Smith. Villanova assistant Raphael Chillious was also reportedly a candidate for that position and was one of the school's two finalists, along with Smith.

The Patriot League-bound school opted to keep the coach they already had on staff, as announced by president Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., at a press conference in the school's Reitz Arena.

"At Loyola, we take great pride in a Greyhounds athletics program where our students' achievements and contributions in the classroom and in the community are as remarkable as their accomplishments in competition," Fr. Linnane said. "G.G. Smith shares this commitment, and I know he will build on our program's recent successes to bring even greater excitement and spirit to Loyola basketball and our university."

The decision by Loyola University will likely keep the Villanova coaching staff stable for another season after a few consecutive years of churn. Chillious is a strong asset to the Wildcats on the recruiting trail, especially with his connections at many northeastern prep schools and his former affiliation with the Nike organization.