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Tony Chennault & Darrun Hilliard to tour Europe


Villanova guards Tony Chennault and Darrun Hilliard have been invited to participate in the Global Sports Academy 2013 European Summer Tour this month.

The duo depart for Brussels, Belgium today. The team will compete in five games while traveling through Belgium, Netherlands, and England. Along the way, the Goodwill tour opportunities for sight-seeing and experiencing the culture will be available.

The team will be coached by West Chester's assistant coach Roy Blumenthal.

The Wildcat duo will join a roster along with Juan Anderson (Marquette), Jake Thomas(Marquette), Patrick Moore (Colgate), Troy Hockaday (West Chester), Michael Kromka (Clarion University), Tyler Harris (Providence College), Jabulani Newby (Gannon) and Eric Laster (Loyola Maryland).

The team will return on August 16.