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Villanova Basketball: 2014 'secret scrimmage' not leaked

Jay Wright is keeping things under wraps.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It's a yearly tradition, the "secret scrimmage." Colleges find a nearby school who they won't face in the upcoming season and play a scrimmage to get a better look at their team against live competition. For the players, it's a good opportunity to break the mold of playing against your own teammates everyday.

The rules are simple:

No publicity.

No scoreboard.

No stats.

No fans.

Villanova has a long history of making Jeff Goodman's list of secret scrimmages. Over the years, the Wildcats have played George Washington in 2008 & '09Fordham in 2012, and Maryland last year.

However, 'Nova is not included in this year's list. Other schools,lLike Maryland, are omitted from the list as well so the possibility still exists for the secret scrimmage to occur. And if it does occur, it just may be closer to a secret than Villanova fans would like it to be.