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3 things we learned in Villanova's 72-65 win over Bucknell

Time to feed the post?

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova needed some late-game heroics to squeak by Bucknell 72-65 on Thursday night, the second Patriot League foe that has given the Wildcats trouble in their 3-0 start to the season. Things will get much tougher next week when they play VCU on Monday and either Michigan or Oregon on Tuesday.

3 things

1. Villanova has been reading their own press clippings

Jay Wright called it out in his postgame TV interview - his guys are overconfident in their own ability and aren't following the gameplan. They're taking ill-advised shots, not passing, and generally making lazy plays because they feel like they can walk over this type of opponent.

Do that on Monday, and they'll get embarrassed on national television. VCU will turn the game in to a track meet and run Villanova out of the Barclays Center.

2. Daniel Ochefu should be taking 10 shots a game

Chef recorded his first double-double of the season and the hard work he put in over the summer is clearly paying off. It will be interesting to see how he does against high-major competition, but for right now he's shown an improved post-game, hits his free throws (80%), and can still run the floor well.

If given the chance he, there's no reason he shouldn't get close to averaging a double-double this season. He's averaging 10 ppg and 9.3 rpg right now.

3. There is a rebounding problem to solve

The 'Cats were outrebounded 38-31 by Bucknell - and Villanova didn't shoot it well. After Ochefu (9.3), Pinkston (5.7) and Ennis (5.3) there is a severe dropoff in production. Jay Wright has always relied on a gang-rebounding mentality because he likes to play so many guards and wings.

Guys like Darrun Hilliard (1.3) and Kris Jenkins (1.3) are going to need to start putting in the dirty work under the hoop.