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Villanova basketball report cards: Darryl Reynolds

The Wildcats' freshman forward, Darryl Reynolds' season may be over, but VU Hoops isn't done discussing it.

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For Darryl Reynolds, expectations may have been a bit higher than they should have been. The freshman forward came to Villanova to add depth on the frontline, but with a small-ball rotation being the norm, Reynolds wasn't able to see much action.

Here is how the season went for Reynolds:

What was expected

Expectations for the freshman's first season on the Main Line weren't very high before the season. There was always a chance that Reynolds would be limited as a freshman. Our best-case for him was to play the role handled by Mo Sutton a year prior, with decent minutes played. Our worst-case scenario left him almost relegated to the Bench Mob this year.

As we wrote in Wisdom of Crowds:

Best Case Scenario: Reynolds is a capable backup to Ochefu in the post, and uses his post-grad experience to become a more than capable replacement for the departed Maurice Sutton. Besting Sutton's 3.2 ppg and 2.7 rpg line from a year ago is within reach.

Worst Case Scenario: Wright opts to bring Reynolds along slowly and utilize the small-ball lineup, limiting Reynolds' ability to contribute. With a redshirt is out of the question, 2013 ends up a wasted year for Reynolds.

It looks like Reynolds finished the season closer to his worst-case scenario after everything was said and done.

Vote from Wisdom of Crowds

In Wisdom of Crowds, we asked readers to vote on their prediction for how many points per game Reynolds would average this season. While one voter was confident that he would record 10 or more points per game, voters generally anticipated a lower total. About 29% of voters picked Reynolds to average 3 points, while 21% picked 4 points per game and another 22% thought he would manage 2 points per game.

The 5% (17 votes) who picked Reynolds to score 1 point or less per game were correct.

Season Actuals

3.1 2 2 100% 0 0 0.0% 3 10 30% 1.0 0.0 0.1 0.0 0.6 0.3 0.3

Best Game

Reynolds had his best scoring games against USC, Providence (home) and Butler (home), picking up two points in each. His best rebounding game was against Mount St. Mary's, where he grabbed five and also picked up a block in the contest.

Against DePaul at home, however, Reynolds both scored (1 point) and grabbed multiple rebounds (3), without committing any turnovers or picking up a foul.

Worst Game

On the road against DePaul, Reynolds played 4 minutes of game action, picking up 2 fouls and turning the ball over twice. He scored no points, grabbed no rebounds and made no blocks.