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Tony Chennault, the Filmmaker

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Recent Villanova graduate turns to filmmaking as a new passion post-basketball.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Why in urban communities don't we realize the significance of the people in our lives until they are dead? It's about not valuing life. -Tony Chennault

If you watched a Villanova Basketball game on Fox Sports 1 this past season, the hardships that Tony Chennault has experienced were well discussed. He transferred from Wake Forest in the Spring of 2012 after two seasons to Villanova to be closer to his mother. Within a month, his brother was shot and killed. His mother passed away last summer due to a heart attack.

The Daily News shares that Chennault has used those experiences as he moves on from basketball and into a new passion, Filmmaking.

His first film, Chris, was inspired by his brother's shooting and tells the story "of a teenager killed by street violence."

A viewing of the film will be screened for free at 7p on Friday at the Dreaming Building at 218 N Front (Front & Spring Garden).

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