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NBA Draft 2014: James Bell busy with team-specific workouts

The Villanova guard has been traveling around the country in an attempt to impress teams.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

James Bell has been busy as of late with NBA Workouts and travel, however he found time to attend Round 1 of The Basketball Tournament to chat with Team ROBY. He was kind enough to share some information on his workouts and what his plan is going forward.

Bell commented on what scouts have noted about him in his Philadelphia 76ers and Utah Jazz summer workouts. He says "They love my energy; what I bring to the table as far as intangibles. I have a bright future." James is aware that he flew under the radar all season. "It's humbling. It's very exciting. It's all new. Every situation is different, every workout is different. Always working with a great group of guys. But it's all a learning experience."

Bell also indicated that there other summer workouts to be had. "Nothing set in stone, but I'm not finished with the workouts."

With no Villanova alum being drafted in a few years, Bell feels blessed to even have this opportunity. "It'd be great for the university, and great for the publicity. And great for myself and my family. It'd be an honor to be drafted." Even if not drafted, Bell mentions "it's a possibility" that he would take an offer to play overseas."

Going forward, James wants to improve "confidence, ball-handling, consistency, and being the hardest working guy."

And we haven't seen the last of James Bell on Villanova's campus. It's still a home to him. "I'll be back all the time. I'm not going anywhere."