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Michigan releases Legends Classic schedule, then gets corrected

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

9am ET UPDATE: The Legends Classic has stepped in and confirmed that matchups will not be set until August, so the original Villanova-Michigan report is premature.

Original Post

The University of Michigan released their 2014-15 Men's Basketball Non-Conference Schedule earlier on Tuesday.

It was known that the Wolverines, along with VCU, Oregon, and Villanova would be participating in the Legends Classic at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the new piece of information is that Michigan will face Villanova on the second night, Tuesday, November 25th.


Although that doesn't tell Villanova fans who they will play on the first night, it is noteworthy that the second night's opponent is determined in advance. In a game for the Tournament's "Championship Rounds" one would expect that Monday's winners would face each other on Tuesday, and the losers would match up in the 3rd Place game.

The preliminary rounds of the Legends Classic that will be held earlier in the season at The Pavilion. CBS reporter Jon Rothstein noted that Villanova would host Detroit and Bucknell in those matchups.