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Global Sports Academy update: Kris Jenkins shining bright

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sophomores Kris Jenkins and Darryl Reynolds have been competing with Global Sports Academy these past few days. They, along with nine other college athletes, played in a 5-game contest against various international talents.

As you recall, Jenkins and Reynolds had freshman years to forget, averaging 4.1 and 0.3 PPG respectively. Both of these outputs came on little playing time. This tour could definitely boost the confidence and prowess of these two, and Kris Jenkins has taken full advantage. In the game vs. Alsavin Belgrade, Jenkins was the leading scorer.

That was no fluke. Kris commanded the offense through the first three games.

Their head coach is Patrick Baldwin of the Northwestern Wildcats. Throughout the week, he repeatedly admired the Jenkins' performance.

Back at home, teammate Josh Hart had some fun in cheering the fellow sophomore on.

Coach Wright also displayed support from back in the States.

It is very encouraging to see the growth of Jenkins in these few games. Both he and Darryl will most likely see a bump in minutes from last year and Jenkins' stellar performance gives everyone more trust in that promotion. Near season's end, Jenkins found a groove shooting 65% from beyond the arc, albeit only 14 attempts. He has shown the potential to be a major offensive spark off the bench in the 2014-2015 season.

No info has been released on Darryl Reynolds' performance in the Global Sports Academy.