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2015 NCAA Tournament: Latest Bracketology has Villanova as a 2-seed

In our first roundup of the year, the 'Cats are exactly where they were in 2014.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Most of you will be asking yourselves, "Why are we looking at Bracketology so early this year?" And you might be right. But Villanova is going through hated 2 games in 12 days thing and we need something to talk about. So we're doing this!

The Wildcats are sitting at 6th in the RPI, typically a good indicator of where a team will be seeded come March. While KenPom numbers aren't really considered in seeding, Villanova is currently 7th.

On to the Bracketology...ESPN was updated last Thursday, CBS on Monday (the most recent), NBC last Friday and SB Nation last Tuesday. Keep that in mind.

ESPN (Joe Lunardi) - 2 Seed, Pittsburgh, East Region

While Joe Lunardi has had the Wildcats as high as a number 1 seed in recent weeks, the loss to Georgetown predictably moved them back down. However, Lunardi has the 'Cats as the #7 overall seed which would see them land a favorable draw - two matchups against mid-majors in the first weekend.

Top seeds in the ESPN bracket are (1) Virginia, (3) Knasas and (4) VCU.

CBS Sports (Jerry Palm) - 2 Seed, Pittsburgh, East Region

Palm agrees with Lunardi that the 'Cats project as a 2 seed, opening in Pittsburgh in the East regional. Many on Twitter referred to this as the 'dream scenario' for Villanova the other day because of perceived lack of quality teams in the bracket that the Wildcats would have to face before the second weekend.

Top seeds in Palm's East region are (1) Virginia, (3) Maryland and (4) Iowa State.

NBC Sports (Dave Ommen) - 2 Seed, Pittsburgh, East Region

No change here - Ommen has Villanova as a 2 seed in Pittsburgh of the East regional as well. Upon closer review, this would appear to be an even better scenario than Palm's regional, as Iowa State goes missing and is replaced by West Virginia.

Top seeds for Villanova in NBC's bracket are (1) Virginia, (3) Maryland and (4) West Virginia.

SB Nation (Chris Dobbertean) - 2 Seed, Pittsburgh, South Region

Finally! Somebody with a different opinion. Dobber still has Villanova opening in Pittsburgh as a 2-seed, but as a part of the South regional, whose finals take place in Houston rather than Syracuse. Pairing Villanova with Duke, Dobbertean clearly has the 'Cats higher on the S-Curve than others, and it would give them a draw that most fans wouldn't complain about other than second-weekend travel.

Other top seeds in Villanova's region include (1) Duke, (3) Iowa State and (4) VCU.

Bracketology Around the Big East

So far in 2015 we've seen the Big East projected to have anywhere from 5-7 bids come tournament time, with 6 still feeling the most likely given the carnage that is going to take place as the conference season unfolds. St. John's missed a golden opportunity for a marquee win that would have all but secured their dance ticket when they blew a lead against Duke on Sunday. As it stands, they are mostly seen as bubble-in but they need to get over their shaky start to conference play.

The schools are seeded as follows:

Villanova (2) Villanova (2) Villanova (2) Villanova (2)
Georgetown (5) Georgetown (5) Georgetown (5) Georgetown (5)
Seton Hall (6) Butler (5) Butler (6) Seton Hall (5)
Providence (6) Providence (7) Providence (7) Butler (6)
Butler (7) Seton Hall (9) Seton Hall (7) Providence (8)
Xavier (11) St. John's (9) St. John's (10) Xavier (10)
St. John's (11 play-in) Xavier (11 play-in) Xavier (12 play-in) St. John's (12 play-in)