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2015-16 Villanova Basketball away jersey is now available

We hope you like #15!

Itching for new Villanova gear and sick of complaining about jersey availability? Well, the new Villanova uniforms are now available for sale through our partner store.

Villanova player #15 (Ryan Arcidiacono) is the only replica jersey for sale, and it's only available in the away navy for $74.95. Additionally, the navy 'Nova replica shorts are available for $59.95.

The online sale for the jersey allows the fan to also see the hidden message that each Wildcat will see when they don the jersey for each game- Attitude.

Also new to the online store are the Nike pre-game "Shootaround" shirt and the Nike Therma-Fit Hoodie.

Don't like any of those items? Just head over to the store and check out everything they have.

And maybe you'll be able to start your Holiday Shopping list too...