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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Oklahoma

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

The trip to Hawaii wasn't the best for the Villanova Wildcats as they were exposed, as any team would, to a tough loss when they can't hit their outside shots.

However, 'Nova head coach Jay Wright can feel comfortable that he mastered the art of style as he perfectly balanced the casual-ness of being in Hawaii with the seriousness of facing another Top 10 team.

Wright took to the sidelines of Bloch Arena in a simple navy blue Nike Elite polo shirt. The polo had the Block V over the heart and the Pearl Harbor Invitational logo on the right sleeve. Instead of dressing down with a pair of khakis, Wright showed his sartorial preference with gray dress pants that somehow looked good with a pair of Nikes.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

3/5 Esquires: Wright made the requisite casual look from coaching in the Hawaiian islands look good.