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Rick Brunson on Jalen: "My son always wanted to go to Villanova."

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Rick Brunson, the father of incoming Villanova point guard, Jalen Brunson, had his charges of sexual assault dismissed on Friday.

Jalen wanted to have a chance to play in a Final Four. -Rick Brunson

That accusation ultimately cost the older Brunson a non-bench position on the staff at his alma mater, Temple.

Many thought that the charges & accusation that caused Temple to ultimately rescind the offer as the catalyst shifting the tide of Jalen's college decision from the school on North Broad to the Main Line. However, the elder Brunson told the Chicago Tribune that was never the case, "My son always wanted to go to Villanova. Nobody understands this. He never, ever wanted to go to Temple with me."

The father went on to add, "Jalen wanted to have a chance to play in a Final Four. Of all the schools that recruited him, he felt Villanova has the best shot of playing in a Final Four this coming season."

So does this end the controversy? Probably not. But, it does show Jalen Brunson's commitment to Villanova and the aspirations he has for assisting in delivering championships for the Wildcats.