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Villanova assistant coach Baker Dunleavy to Tulane?

His father Mike just got the head coaching gig. And although things are good for Baker, it's always tough to know what people are thinking.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

While we've got a moment to breathe before mayhem ensues later this week, let's address something that popped up in a few places over the weekend. Mike Dunleavy Sr. is now the head coach of the Tulane Green Wave - the school made it official this morning after reports surfaced he'd accepted the job over the weekend.

His son, Baker, is the associate head coach at Villanova under Jay Wright and considered one of the stars on the staff. And because of that, you're likely going to see reports that Mike is trying to bring his son to New Orleans with him. It's plausible because of their relationship and because Baker is a great coach and honestly who wouldn't want him on the staff? And maybe it's not as crazy as you might think.

The cynics will (rightfully) tell you that he's one of the best assistant coaches in the country and an invaluable asset to the Villanova Basketball program. He's likely in line for a head coaching job somewhere, and soon. And there's no denying that the role he has right now is unquestionably better than a proposed lateral move to Tulane. And if he does want to run his own program, staying at Villanova for a few more successful seasons makes way more sense than leaving for an assistant job at a lower-tier school (see: Steve Wojciechowski).

(FWIW, I'm in that cynical group above)

Here's the thing though, and Gary Parrish of CBS makes this point often. What we value may not matter much to other people. We just have no idea of knowing what they are thinking, or what is important to them. Who had Jamie Dixon leaving for TCU a few weeks ago? Nobody.

It might be Baker Dunleavy's dream to coach on the same bench as his father. It might really appeal to him to live in New Orleans, an undeniably great city that his mother hails from. Maybe he thinks he's accomplished what he can at Villanova and needs to branch out. We just don't know.

So to speak in absolutes about this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me just yet. Villanova is headed to the Final Four, and Baker Dunleavy's focus will be there for the next week. Let's reassess once the season is over.