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Is Villanova Basketball assistant coach Ashley Howard a candidate for the Drexel vacancy?

Bruiser Flint saw the axe today - where will the Dragons look?

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Drexel Dragons fired head coach Bruiser Flint earlier today after 15 seasons at the helm. Flint's 245-217 record over that span is actually decent, but recent losing seasons prompted the school to seek a change. Drexel went local last time with St. Joseph's (Pa.) grad Flint, could they look to do so again?

Philadelphia-native and current Villanova Wildcats assistant coach Ashley Howard could be an ideal candidate. Besides being a former player at Drexel, Howard already has experience coaching at the school both as a GA and as an assistant where he was a part of the staff that led the school to a record 29 wins in 2012

Howard is an ace recruiter ($) as well and given the schools any coach would have to go up against in talent-rich Philadelphia, it's a needed skill if the next coach is going to rebuild the Dragons into a contender in the CAA.

The one thing Howard lacks is head coaching experience - something that Flint came with from his years at UMass. But given Drexel's place in the college basketball - not to mention Philly - pecking order they probably can't get too picky with their next coach's resume.

Drexel would be smart to at least request the opportunity to speak with and interview Howard - he's a young, energetic and already successful coach with direct ties to the school. With under a month left in the college basketball season, this may be a conversation for April.