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Kris Jenkins confirms he's returning to Villanova for senior season

Jenkins is just getting feedback from NBA people, and he'll be back for one last go-round next season.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Some excellent news to start your Friday, and a big H/T to reader Wildcat19 for unearthing this interview from the Big 5 banquet earlier in the week. Villanova Wildcats hero Kris Jenkins confirmed he will definitely be returning to the Main Line next season after deciding to go through the pre-NBA Draft process with Josh Hart.

From Big Smooth himself:

"I think earlier when I said I was going to go through the process, it got taken the wrong way. I am going to come back to school next year, and I will be at Villanova playing basketball."

There wasn't a ton of doubt that Jenkins would be coming back given his ranking on NBA draft boards. He's smartly taking advantage of the new NBA draft rules that allow players to get as much feedback as possible without risking amateur status. But it is still nice to hear Jenkins matter-of-factly declare he'll be back.

Now we'll await Josh Hart's decision, which will likely drag on closer to the May 25th deadline.