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Villanova guard Josh Hart invited to the 2016 NBA Draft Combine

The junior guard will travel to Chicago and get a chance to improve his draft stock.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Per Daniel Ochefu's Snapchat (H/T to Ryan Boggio on Twitter for seeing this first), Villanova junior guard Josh Hart has received an invite to the 2016 NBA Draft Combine. ESPN's Jeff Goodman later reported the news as well.

We can't link you to the video because it's Snapchat but Daniel said, "Shout out to that boy Josh Hart he's [going to be] at the combine, I'm still team one more year though."

At the combine, physical measurements such as height, wingspan, and weight are taken. He will also perform in athletic tests like the bench press, vertical jump, and lane agility among other things. There are other shooting tests and five on five games that take place.

There is not a set number of players that will be at the combine, but in 2013 63 players were invited, and in 2014 60 were invited. There are only 60 picks in the NBA draft, so an invitation shows that  NBA teams are seriously considering Hart if he were to stay in the draft. Underclassmen have until 10 days after the combine, May 25th, to decide if they are going to return to school.

The Combine takes place on May 11th-15th and parts of it will be broadcast on the ESPN family of networks.