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First look at 2018-19 Villanova Basketball home uniforms

Jay Wright gave us a sneak peek on Thursday afternoon.

Villanova Wildcats head coach Jay Wright gave us a first look at the upcoming Villanova home jerseys, and they are - as the kids say - lit.

(Do the kids still say lit?)

You can click through to the tweet and get an enlarged image of those specific uniform points. At first glance, there’s not a huge difference from last season. I did notice a couple of minor things:

  • The addition of ‘NOVA’ on the waistband of the shorts- though it’s hard to say if this was there last year or not based on the pictures I reviewed.
  • The \\V// emblem on the neckline is now on the jersey, rather than on the navy collar. It’s way cooler too, and looks like a diamond. That’s what 2 National Championships in 3 years does for you, I suppose.

The shorts look basically the same with the design on the sides, and the block print on the name and number of the uniform looks similar too.

Hopefully, Nike is working on a better third kit than the grey abomination they came up with a couple of years ago. The 1985 throwbacks will stay the champ until unseated, but I’d like to see something a little different to work in once in a while.