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NCAA Releases Top 16 Seeds, Full Bracket

Villanova left out of top lines, would be a 5 seed in Midwest.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA released the top 16 seeds today, giving a mini-preview of the top seeds of this year’s NCAA Tournament. Unsurprisingly given analyst’s and ESPN’s infatuation with Duke, they clocked in as the number one overall seed, taking the top seed in the East region. Tennessee, Gonzaga, and Virginia were the other teams to grab a one seed. Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, and Michigan St. were the next four teams, earning a two seed. Marquette was the only Big East team on the top lines, coming in as ranked 12 overall, the last team to a 3 seed.

More importantly (for Villanova fans at least), Andy Katz released his full projection for the field of 68.

According to Andy Katz, Villanova to be a 5 seed in the Midwest. Villanova would play Hofstra in the 5-12 match-up (we see you, NCAA) and, if victorious, face the winner of 4 seed Wisconsin and 13 seed South Dakota St. In the region Virginia would be the 1 seed, Kentucky the 2 seed, Houston the 3 seed, and Wisconsin as the 4 seed.

Given current resumes, you can’t fault the NCAA for leaving ‘Nova out of the top lines. It’s obvious the back-to-back home losses to Michigan and Furman are still raising eyebrows and the loss to Penn did not help either.

However, the Wildcats have won their last eleven in a row and started the season 10-0 in Big East play. The match-up against Marquette today will likely have a massive influence on the committee’s seeding decision come March, as well as their Big East Tournament success. But for now, take a look over the full bracket and debate to your heart’s desire.