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Gillespie signs with Barstool Athletes

With the NCAA’s new policy on NIL starting on July 1, Gillespie has already made money moves.

NCAA Basketball: Roman Legends Classic-Villanova vs Hartford David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

That didn’t take long.

The NCAA enacted a new policy starting on July 1, allowing all college athletes to profit off name, image, and likeness, and Collin Gillespie is making money moves.

The fifth-year point guard is now a member of the newly-formed Barstool Athletes.

According to the NCAA’s new policy, college athletes will still have to adhere by NIL rules in their specific states, but can now profit from sponsorships and endorsements. Students who play for programs in a state without an NIL law can still engage in this type of activity and not be in violation of the rules, but schools will have to approve whether or not activities are in accordance with state laws.

Per Barstool’s tweets, there appears to be close to a dozen officially signed athletes, and hundreds — if not, thousands — more tweeting out their interest to join.