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Villanova Bracket Watch: Friday Update

Waiting a little longer in the day for the bracketology to update gives our bracket a new look.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Villanova vs Texas Tech Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Everyday until Selection Sunday, we’re applying the NCAA Tournament Seeding guidelines to the Bracket Matrix to see where Villanova will land. Be sure to check back daily for the latest!

The first day of major conference teams at the top of the bracket is in the books, so we let a little extra time pass so the bracketologists could catch up. Baylor going down was the biggest story from a Top 4 Seedline perspective, but that just pushes them down the 1 Seed line a little, doesn’t bump them off it... yet.

Villanova Bracket Watch: 3/11 Update

Regions West South Mid-West East
Regions West South Mid-West East
1 Seeds Gonzaga (1) Arizona (2) Baylor (3) Auburn (4)
2 Seeds Villanova (8) Duke (7) Kentucky (6) Kansas (5)
3 Seeds Texas Tech (12) Tennessee (10) Purdue (9) Wisconsin (11)
4 Seeds Arkansas (16) Illinois (13) UCLA (14) Providence (15)

Seeding Rules That Caused Shifts

  • Kansas can’t be in the Mid-West because of Baylor
  • Tennessee can’t be in the East because of Auburn
  • Illinois can’t be in the Mid-West or East because of Purdue and Wisconsin
  • Arkansas can’t be in the Mid-West because of Kentucky, switches with UCLA

Overall True Seed Changes Since Yesterday

  • Arizona (2): Up One
  • Baylor (3): Down One

Impact on Villanova

That one shift for Baylor moved all of the dominos around, and that’s just going to be the start as we get into the thick of it for the major conference tournaments. Of the 16 teams we have listed, 14 either have or will be in play today. And there have already been some major upset impacts.

The biggest result of the day is probably going to end up being Auburn’s los to Texas A&M. There’s a solid chance this open’s up a spot on the 1 Seed line, and Kansas and Kentucky now have a clear path to jump up and take it. The other upset we’ve already seen is Illinois. That could knock them off the 4 Seed line and open up a spot for a Houston or UConn to step up, but that would likely require a Conference Championship from those schools.

The biggest games to keep an eye on for Villanova fans are the two seed teams in front of them: Kansas, Kentucky, and Duke. Kansas takes on a TCU team that they split a home and home with just last week. Kentucky goes up against a Vanderbilt team that they handled fairly easily in their first two meetings. And Duke takes on a Miami team that’s already beaten them in Cameron this season. These teams going down combined with a BET Title could pave the way to the Villanova dream: The #2 Seed in the East Region.

Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!