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Villanova Bracket Watch: March 3rd Update

The countdown to Selection Sunday has begun!

Michigan v Villanova Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

We are officially 10 days away from Selection Sunday, so it’s time to start focusing in on where Villanova is likely to end up in the bracket. To predict Nova’s seed and region, we’re using a combination of the previous day’s Bracket Matrix and the official NCAA Tournament Seeding Guidelines. Also, for these purposes, we’re just going to focus on the Top 4 Seed Lines, as Nova seems to be locked into the Top 16 unless something truly wonky happens.

As of the latest Bracket Matrix updates, Villanova would be the 11th overall seed, landing on the 3 Line. If we apply the NCAA Tournament Seeding Guidelines, here’s how the Top 4 Lines break out:

Bracket Watch: 3/3 Update

Regions West South Mid-West East
Regions West South Mid-West East
1 Seeds Gonzaga (1) Baylor (2) Arizona (3) Kansas (4)
2 Seeds Purdue (8) Duke (7) Auburn (5) Kentucky (6)
3 Seeds Texas Tech (10) Tennessee (12) Wisconsin (9) Villanova (11)
4 Seeds UCLA (15) UConn (16) Providence (13) Illinois (14)

A few notes on how this one got seeded:

  • Top 2 Seed Lines all got closest available region based on their overall seed
  • Texas Tech couldn’t be in the South or East because of Baylor and Kansas
  • Providence couldn’t be in the East because of Villanova

The big takeaway here is that Villanova is still in the East Region with Kansas and Kentucky, exactly as it was in the early bracket release. It’s also worth noting that both Providence and UConn are on the 4 Line, although UConn will likely drop a little after last night’s loss at Creighton. Either way, it’s clear that the top teams in the Big East are very much in play for the Top 16 overall seeds.

Stay tuned daily as we update the projected bracket and track where Villanova will land come Selection Sunday!