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Behind Enemy Lines: Lamenting Bad Tailgates With BC Interruption

We caught up with Boston College outfit BC Interruption in preparation for Saturday's season opener.


In case you've been stuck under a rock all week (email us, we'll help you out!), our pregame coverage of the Villanova Wildcats clash with the Boston College Eagles this Saturday is the place to catch up quickly. We had the pleseasure of speaking with A.J. Black from BC Interruption to get his take on the 2013 Eagles, the tailgating situation in Chestnut Hill, and the inevitable panci that will ensure when 'Nova takes down BC on Saturday afternoon.

In case you missed it, Brian spoke with A.J. in May about Villanova's 2013 outlook.

VUH: What sort of schematic changes do you expect the new coaching staff to make. Is Chase Rettig going to have to turn into a scrambler to fit Steve Addazio's offense?

BCI: Steve Addazio has come out and said that he is going to adjust his scheme to fit the personnel in front of him. Chase Rettig will continue to do what he has done in the past, and I expect the Eagles to run more, to hopefully open up the play action. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rettig run a few more times. While I think BC will eventually move to a mobile QB, I don't expect them to this year because Chase Rettig is about as fast as I am, and the Eagles can't risk losing their quarterback to an unnecessary injury.

VUH: BC is replacing both starting offensive tackles and moving two former defensive ends inside. Do you expect these changes to be an instant improvement or the cause of some growing pains in 2013?

BCI: Former Florida tackle Matt Patchan is an immediate improvement, and will pay dividends for the Eagles. However the picture is a little murkier on the defensive side of the ball. Mehdi Abdesmad struggled mightily as a defensive end, and his enormous frame strikes me as a better fit inside. BC fans are hoping however that a change in scheme (more aggressive on defense, a competent scheme on offense) will be the huge change they need.

VUH: Who is the "X-Factor" for Boston College on Friday night that isn't getting the press he deserves?

BCI: I am going to have to say the man with the greatest name in the ACC, Spiffy Evans. He is a dynamic punt returner, and with some maturity and less drops he could be a great target for Chase Rettig. On the defensive side of the ball I would look at strong safety Spencer Rositano. He was a ball hawk at the end of last year, and with Don Brown's aggressive scheme he could really be a factor.

VUH: Villanova fans like to blame the school's tailgate restrictions for some of the school's attendance problems in football, but Boston College's tailgate rules/restrictions make a Villanova tailgate look like Animal House. How do you guys survive?

BCI: Love of football and our school. Believe me BC fans complain a lot about the tailgating restrictions, but a combination of archaic blue laws and pain in the ass neighbors have made those complaints fall on deaf ears. Many fans are hoping that a new regime, led by new AD Brad Bates will have fresh ideas on how to get more tailgating to the fans of the Eagles.

VUH: Let's say Villanova goes into Chestnut Hill and walks out on top, what happens next at BC Interruption?

BCI: Site founder Brian is a little more level headed than I am so I imagine he will react logically. I will take my laptop and bash it against my head until either my laptop disintegrates or I pass out. And most likely I will run off into the wild never to be heard from again.

VUH: The line is currently Boston College -17.5 - how do you see this game playing out?

BCI: I saw what happened to Villanova against Temple last year. BC is a better team than that Temple team. I think the Eagles win easily.

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