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Villanova vs. Towson: John Robertson executes jump pass for touchdown

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The Villanova sophomore quarterback channeled Tim Tebow for his third touchdown of the night.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova Wildcats quarterback John Robertson is a lot of things. He is a tough runner. He is fast. He is an improving passer of the football. Robertson was called "Michael Vick-esque" by Towson head coach Rob Ambrose. To date, he has not been compared with former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

We now have evidence that he may even be "Tebow-esque."

Early in the second quarter Saturday night, Robertson executed the jump pass that Tebow perfected while at Florida to give the Wildcats a 28-6 lead.


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That touchdown pass to TE Earnest Pettway was Robertson third total touchdown of the night, and second passing. He would finish eventually run two more in to finish with 5 touchdowns and 332 yards of total offense as Villanova upset #3 Towson on the road, 45-35.

Robertson, last year's Jerry Rice Award recipient for the top freshmen player in the FCS, should be back in the mix for more postseason awards in just his sophomore season.