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Joe Price injury: Villanova wide receiver out for the season

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova senior wideout Joe Price has missed time already this season with an apparent back injury, but the extent of that injury wasn't ever too apparent, until now. Head coach Andy Talley has announced that Price would likely miss the balance of the season due to that injury.

After the graduation of star receiver Norman White following the 2012 season, Price was expected to become the primary weapon for sophomore quarterback John Robertson -- who has worn a "The Price Is '#17'" t-shirt to post-game press conferences -- in the passing game this season. His impact early on was minimized, however, as the 'Cats QB looked toward the slot and Poppy Livers most often in the passing game, and made his biggest gains through after-the-catch yardage up the seams.

This Fall, Price caught only 8 balls in five of the Wildcat's seven games this season, for a total of 100 yards and one touchdown. That was good for fourth on the team, after Livers, Jamal Abdur-Rahman and Price's near-clone in Mike Burke.

Price had no catches in the opening week against Boston College, but had a few chances against Stony Brook, Penn and William & Mary. He has been sidelined the last two weeks, however, prior to the head coach announcing his injury status.

This was Price's fifth year at Villanova, and while the coaching staff could attempt to get an NCAA waiver to allow him to stick around for a sixth year next fall, that would seem unlikely.

It is not clear at this time if Price would be potentially-available for a playoff run.