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Video: Villanova scores touchdown on impressive fake punt

This play put Villanova football on top of the ESPN SportCenter Top-10 plays.

Villanova's fake punt, which led to a 47-yard touchdown run by redshirt sophomore Jamal Abdur-Rahman, had the college football world talking this weekend.The fake-out was so complete that even the ESPN camera crew who was following the play appeared to be tricked, following the fake hand-off run to the right, while Abdur-Rahman broke loose with the ball to the left.

It was one of the best fake punt plays most people have seen. The Wildcats planned to deploy that one early on in the game, which made some sense with Abdur-Rahman not appearing on the punting team later in the game.

A ton of media outlets took notice:

In fact, the play was so well talked-about that social media exploded with commentary about the play all weekend as well. Some of the including:

Congrats to Villanova football, Jamal Abdur-Rahman and Coach Roc Bellantoni on a well executed play. I suspect people will keep talking about that one for a while.