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Villanova Football Depth Chart vs. Richmond

Matthew Gregory

It's another must-win game for the Wildcats this weekend as they host Richmond on Saturday afternoon as part of Homecoming. Villanova can still make the FCS Playoffs with a little bit of help - something that seemed impossible just a few weeks ago when the Wildcats were struggling mightily.

The defense has carried the team through the past few wins while Zach Bednarcyzk and the offense have started to show their potential late in the season. Might things break right for the Wildcats? Here's the two-deep that will face Richmond:

Football Depth Chart vs. Richmond 11-14-15

From Talley's media comments this week, it sounds like Matt Gudzak may get the majority of the carries even though Gary Underwood is still listed as the starter. It's an incredible story for Gudzak, who went from fumble-prone as a freshmen (and deep in the pecking order) to a very good-looking back int he second half of the season. With Javon White out, expect he and Underwood to carry the load offensively.

On the offensive line, Doug Turrell is now the backup at both left and right tackle meaning he's the first man up if either Prus or Greenidge go down. Kyle Wallace looks like he's out for this game, which is a bit of a blow. The OL has looked good in recent weeks so there shouldn't be too much worry, but the depth may be tested.

Not much change on the defense, which has remained healthy and strong all season. True freshman Bryan White makes an appearance this week so you might see a bit of him and Dillon Lucas is back in the LB rotation as well. Both Jeff Steeb and T.J. White aren't listed this week so there might be some injury concern there. Wes Smith appears to have reclaimed his starting spot from Rasaan Stewart at safety as well.

No changes to report on special teams.