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C.J. Logan becomes third Villanova Football player this year to donate bone marrow

A banner year for Andy Talley's program.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

First offensive linemen Jake Prus got the call. Then wide receiver Jacob Gribb received one just weeks later. And now defensive back C.J. Logan. An unprecedented year for The Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation continued yesterday when Logan underwent a bone marrow donation procedure. Talley announced the news in a Facebook post on Monday night.

It's been rare for members of the Villanova football team to be called upon while still in school (and mostly in-season), with Matt Szczur's donation being the most well-known. But 2015 has been a banner year for the program as three members of the football team have answered the bell  to help save a stranger's life.

Logan is a (RS) junior cornerback who has been a mainstay in the defensive backfield for the past two seasons. Because Villanova's football season is over and there's several months before spring practice begins, Logan will have plenty of time to recover from the grueling procedure.

Congrats C.J.!