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Andy Talley press conference: Villanova Football has a ton of injuries

And it's a short week. Not ideal.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Talley met with the media on Monday morning, and didn't have much good news to report coming out of Saturday thrilling come-from-behind win over Delaware. John Robertson will be getting an MRI today, and Talley isn't quite sure just how long he'll be out yet. He did rule him out for Thursday night's game against Penn, and his tone suggested he'll be out way longer than that.

The offensive line, which lost 2 starters during the game, is also a big area of concern. Both Brad Seaton (knee) and Ethan Greenidge (ankle) left the game early. Seaton will also undergo an MRI today, and he and Greenidge have both been ruled out for Thursday as well. Luckily, Jake Prus is back earlier than expected from his bone marrow donation, but the Wildcats' lack of depth on the OL means Doug Turrell will be moving from tight end to offensive tackle, at least for this next game.

All the focus will be on (RS) freshman Zach Bednarczyk this week, as Saturday's game-winner inspired confidence in his team. According to Talley, team spirit was very high at practice today.

Because Zach came in and won the game for us, spirits are pretty good. When the backup comes in and wins the game with his arm and his feet, there's a buoyancy there that is uplifting. If he came in and just finished up, it's a downer because you've lost your starting quarterback. A lot of our players think we can win with Zach.

That's good news for a team that still has playoff aspirations, and an elite defense to hang its hat on. Talley paid Bednarczyk high praise during the call, saying that the freshman can run and throw just as well as Robertson, with his big weakness being the mastery of the offensive playbook.

With that in mind, expect a more vanilla gameplan against Penn on Thursday night. With a big date with William & Mary looming on October 10th, the Villanova staff won't want to give too much away.