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Andy Talley press conference: Villanova was not up for the Penn game

You think?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Talley met with the media on Monday morning and tried to moved past Thursday's surprising loss. The Wildcats were playing shorthanded, but Talley put the onus on his program for the failed effort.

"It was really a product of the way the season has unfolded and the injuries we've had, " stated Talley. "Having 3 tough games to open the season, and then just 3 days to prepare, we just weren't ready."

With his team's morale in question following the first loss to their crosstown rivals in 104 years, the head coach has a tall task ahead of him to get everybody mentally ready for what looks to be a grueling CAA schedule. First comes moving past the loss, and then the focus will need to be renewed if the Wildcats want to fight for the playoffs.

The season isn't over, " stated a defiant Talley. "We're 1-0 in the CAA and that's where we live. We're going to play 7 teams that are better than Penn in our league. There's no rest for the weary. We better wake up if we want to survive."

Talley gave his team 3 days off over the weekend to mentally and physically recuperate and try to put the loss behind them. The focus over the next two weeks will be getting everyone healthy, but more importantly getting Zach Bednarczyk the necessary preparation to succeed.

We didn't give him [Bednarczyk] any support, " said Talley. "He didn't play well, but we didn't give him enough time to prep for this game and with the short week and the injuries up front we could not support him the way we wanted to. I think with more time and getting guys back, he'll be back in there. He's a talented guy, but he just needs more reps."

Talley ended the call with some self-deprecating motivation, hoping that it might inspire his team to rally around each other and reclaim their season.

"William & Mary is always a good program. They look like they're for real again and with the condition we're in we are not capable of beating anybody in our league."

Injury Notes:

  • The hope is that Adeyemi Da Silva, who underwent knee surgery in preseason, will be ready for the QB2 role vs. William & Mary. Talley didn't defiantly name Bednarczyk the starter the rest of the way, insinuating that if he struggles, Da Silva may see the field.
  • Ethan Greenidge is now in a cast for his high ankle sprain. Audio of the conference cut out as Talley prepared to discuss his time to recovery.
  • Brad Seaton is out of the season following a torn meniscus. Seaton was playing with a torn labrum prior to the knee injury.
  • Kyle Wallace missed the Penn game due to a death in his family, but will be available for William & Mary.