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Villanova Football vs. Albany: Week 8 Depth Chart

One interesting change on special teams... but perhaps more interesting is what hasn't changed.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much changed this week on the Villanova football depth chart released ahead of their home game this weekend against Albany. The 'Cats are gearing up for a top-25 match-up at Villanova Stadium, where they will cut the ribbon on their new West Endzone Building, and honor head coach Andy Talley, who will retire after the season ends.

The game is a week after the 'Cats had to sideline starting quarterback Zach Bednarczyk at Richmond when he suffered what appeared to be a concussion. Backup Adayemi Da Silva stepped in to finish the game. That the offensive depth chart remains unchanged from last week is at least a positive sign that Bednarczyk hasn't been ruled out.

The program hasn't confirmed that Bednarczyk will play on Saturday yet.

The only changes from last week's chart see Matt Gudzak replace Taurus Phillips and D'Andre Pollard as the back-up at kick-returner, and Jason Ceneus steps in for Philips as the second option on punt returns.