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Villanova Football fan’s rooting guide during the bye week

Villanova isn’t playing, but these games still matter.

NCAA Football: Villanova at Lafayette Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova Football currently sits in a three-way tie for 2nd place in the CAA Football standings, chasing both James Madison and Stony Brook.

The Wildcats are on their bye week, but one way or another there will be a shuffle in the CAA standings this week that will benefit them. I broke down the CAA Football title scenarios for Villanova last weekend, so it’s worth taking a read through that to get a feel for the remainder of the schedule.

Elon at Albany — 12:00pm ET on ASN (TV clearances here)

This one doesn’t really matter all that much as both teams sit 1-3. The ‘Cats have beaten both already, but based on the eye test the Great Danes are the better team. They’ve also got a couple of opportunities late in the year to help ‘Nova ( at UNH, vs. SB) so we’re rooting for them to not go further into a tailspin.

Stony Brook at New Hampshire -- 12:00pm ET

Whatever happens here, it will benefit ‘Nova. The catch is that the ‘Cats don’t have either team on the schedule this year. They’re currently tied with UNH in the standings and behind Stony Brook. Villanova really needs UNH to win this game, because the Stony Brook schedule is really soft down the stretch.

Maine at William & Mary — 3:30pm ET on

Maine only has one loss. Bill & Mary has three. Hopefully the Tribe can take the Black Bears out of the conference title race with a win.

Rhode Island at James Madison -- 3:30pm ET on

The Dukes are 31 point favorites in this one, which somehow doesn’t feel like nearly enough. Go Rhody!

Towson at Delaware — 3:30pm ET on CSN (TV clearances here)

Both teams are completely out of the title picture, but per standard protocol we’re not allowed to root for the Chickens. Hammer them, Tigers.