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Josh Hart could be an All-USA selection

USA Today's high school sports division has identified Josh Hart, a Villanova commit, as a potential selection for the American Family Insurance ALL-USA team.

The 6-4 Villanova commit, Josh Hart, has found big time success early this season, carving up opposing defenses and leading his team to an early 11-1 record. He has scored 25.2 points per game and grabbed 10.3 rebounds on average while making 66% of his shots — utterly dominant statistics, especially in one of the nation's most competitive high school leagues.

The All-USA team will be announced in April.

According to the paper's blog post:

This week’s player: Sidwell Friends (Washington, D.C.) small forward Josh Hart.

2012 Stats: Is averaging 25.2 points and 10.3 rebounds and is shooting 66% from the floor.

Best Games: Scored 34 points and had eight rebounds in a an 82-71 upset of Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) on Dec 8. Also scored 37 points and had 13 rebounds in his team's only loss, 59-55 to Mount St. Joseph (Baltimore) on Dec. 9.

Others' Take: "He doesn't get caught up in being pigeon-holed, worrying about taking outside shots because he's supposed to work on that. He just plays hard and leaves everything on the floor. He does everything it takes for his team to win. I didn't like losing to him, but he was fun to watch." -- Gonzaga Coach Steve Turner.