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Villanova Basketball Recruiting: Tracking the Wildcats coaches & prospects

Keeping track of who the coaching staff is watching, and what players are stopping by for game visits.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

During the college basketball season, recruiting takes a backseat for the Villanova coaching staff. But being that recruiting is the lifeblood for any program, the staff is still attending the big high school tournaments and catching a game for their top targets whenever they can.

We know the prospects that are top of mind for the coaching staff because they hold an offer. The coaching staff will spend plenty of time communicating with those players when allowed and attending as many games as they can to show support for that player.

Somewhat more intriguing are the players that don't hold an offer, but are still being constantly scouted by the coaching staff. How often a member of the coaching staff attends one of those prospects' games can give us a good sense of whether they are still being evaluated, or if may be on the brink of an offer.

The staff will continue to update this StoryStream with the whereabouts of the Villanova coaching staff and a list of prospects visiting for a game to give you recruiting junkies your fix during the season.