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Villanova Football Depth Chart: No changes this weekend

There were no changes to the two-deep this week, as Villanova returns to campus for Homecoming.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Villanova depth chart is now out for Saturday's homecoming game against Morgan State University, and the team seems to have slowed down the shuffling -- with no changes this week in the two-deep.

With all of the positions holding steady, the good news is that the 'Cats have avoided additional injuries and that the coaching staff has a good level of confidence in last-week's line-up to come out in front of the homecoming crowd to get a win. With good weather expected, and a special open Football Club tailgate kicking off at 11:30am, the Wildcats can expect a good crowd in the stadium this week.

Starting center Ross Hall was moved back into the line-up in last-week's depth chart, though eagle-eyes still saw Peter Sotiriou snapping the ball in Williamsburg. Hall should be back in action against Morgan State, but even if not, Sotiriou has proven that he is a perfectly competent replacement. Getting the All-CAA center back in the mix should be pretty big for the 'Cats, however.

Steve Weyler has performed well enough at placekicker in the last two weeks to hold on to the job, it seems. Though, the Freshman wasn't really challenged in either game to make anything but an XP. Should he be handed a FG opportunity and not convert this week, that depth chart could shuffle once again.

The full depth chart is below.

Villanova Depth Chart vs. William & Mary