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Villanova's #AskTheAD Series: Part 1 Answers

Villanova Athletic Director Vince Nicastro finally answers (some) questions from the #AskTheAD Twitter series.

You might remember the #AskTheAD series that aired on Twitter over the last 6 weeks. You know, those times where the Villanova Athletic Department told us to send in our questions for AD Vince Nicastro, without ever really giving us an idea of when those questions might be answered?

Well, we're finally getting some answers - and amazingly, proof that these questions were actually asked.

(Editor's Note: Except that "FAQ" about Villanova hosting championships. I refuse to believe that was a FAQ)

As much as you might be tempted to bail out of the video early because of the quality of questions that were chosen to be answered, stay with it until the end because...

YA BOY BRIAN EWART GETS A QUESTION ANSWERED! The Vince only gives him an 8-second response, but it is the most compelling and honest answer of the entire interview. I can't wait to see if I make it into the next edition. Brian getting a difficult question answered gives me a glimmer of hope.