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Villanova's #AskTheAD Series: Part 3 Answers

Villanova University Athletic Director Vince Nicastro returns to the internet in another captivating 3 & a half minute session to answer your questions on the current and future state of Villanova Wildcats athletics.

This time, only one question from a VU Hoops staffer. Part 3 of the #AskTheAD asks...

  • Why don't we teach the basketball chants during Orientation?
  • From a certain @ChrisjjLane, Should we play more than 3-5 games basketball games at the Wells Fargo Center?
  • What does the additional of Val Ackerman bring to the Big East?
  • What impact will the television contract with FS1 have on Villanova's national exposure?
  • How will the Big East handle sports like lacrosse and rowing?
So, what do you think about the answers? Or the questions?

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